You'll GOAT Crazy 4 Cardi B!

Now she says she gon' do what to who? Cardi B is a musician and Graham's Mom... who knows!!! We know nothing of this woman, perhaps she is a snake.
The Article Only Covered Half

Quincy Jones Tells All

"As Quincy Jones, the famous music producer, I can guarantee that Cardi B does in fact save those Baby Goats."

 class GoatLife extends Component {
     getMoneys() {
         return this.state.moneys
     render() {
         return (
                 Donations: {this.getMoneys()}
Baby Goats Can't Code

Good Luck Getting A Job Without That Skill

Their Baby-Boomer Parents Just Don't Understand This Complex Economy

Teach The Baby Goats To Code
And Now, A Word from Graham's Mom

“"I thought I raised my adult son Graham better than this, but I am deeply, deeply ashamed by his behavior."”

Graham's Mom, Ashamed Snake Lady, on Cardi B Saves Baby Goats

Facts About This Economy

Goat Debt

Goats are Graduating Under Crushing Debt

Need To Be Creative

Goats Are Selling Their Own Coats on Etsy

Never Used a Land Line

So They Can't Work In An Office

Millenial Goats

The Worst Generation

Good Fucking Luck

Life is a Damn Lottery

Ah Just Drive A Truck

Until Elon Musk Automates That

How Much Goats Can You Help?

We Have Different Donation Levels to Be Acceptable to The Poors As Well As The Normals


You Saved Halfa Goat


You Saved One Goat


So Many Goats Can Code Now

A Review of Let's Make a Website

“"This was the best Comedy Show Ive ever seen, and honestly, it was a whole lot better than that one about Sadie Hawkins..."”

Our Favorite Audience Member, Jennica, Not Mark's Opinion

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